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Communicating intentions to loved ones when making an estate plan

It is never easy to consider the future when it comes to your own mortality and what will happen after you pass away. While it may be a difficult process,…

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Is a will the same thing as an estate plan?

You understand the importance of every adult taking the time to plan for the future. Legal and financial plans allow one to have a measure of control over certain matters,…

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Are fees for estate planning tax deductible?

Each Louisiana adult will benefit from the protections provided by an updated and carefully crafted estate plan. However, one of the reasons why you may be avoiding it is that…

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Is retirement a good time to create an estate plan?

Your retirement is a time for which you’ve planned and prepared for much of your adult life. As you look toward your golden years, you may be most concerned with…

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4 Retirement planning mistakes to avoid

Planning for the future can be a complex process, especially if you are unsure of what your financial and legal needs may be long-term. Regardless of whether your retirement years…

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What is a charitable remainder trust?

Every estate plan is different, and you would be wise to craft a plan that provides you with the best chance for future security. In most cases, people begin the…

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