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Man hoping for U visa under US immigration law to avoid removal

Many families in Louisiana include immigrants who are currently facing legal status problems. U.S. immigration law is complex, and any number of issues can cause complications resulting in very stressful situations. A family in another state understands this all too well as they have been trying to help their husband/father avoid deportation.

The man in question is the father of seven children. He was serving time in jail where he reportedly became the victim of a violent crime. He was released from jail while an investigation of the situation took place. He cooperated with law enforcement agents in the investigation, thus making him technically eligible to apply for a U visa.

Asylum offices apparently no longer off-limits for ICE arrests

A man whose country of origin is Sudan was hoping to obtain protection from the U.S. government. Instead, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials showed up immediately after his asylum hearing and placed him under arrest. An attorney speaking on his behalf said the move was unprecedented; in fact, asylum offices in Louisiana and elsewhere used to be treated as off-limits for ICE arrests, along with churches, courthouses and schools.

An immigration official stated that the arrest was warranted as the man in question reportedly violated the terms of a temporary visa in 2014. During his asylum hearing, he told officials he was afraid to return to Sudan because he knows he will suffer persecution for his opposition to the ruling party there. His attorney stressed the fact that the man has no criminal record and has turned to the U.S. government to protect him from harm.

Activists organize a border rally for immigrant rights

Immigrants bring so much value and diversity to the United States. However, when deportations of undocumented immigrants increase, our country loses this value.

Nevertheless, many immigrants are currently living under the fear of being deported, separated from their families and forced to leave the United States, which has become their home. In order to make the voices of undocumented immigrants heard, over 100 activists organized along the border of San Diego and Tijuana to convince Congress that it's time to protect immigrants from the threat of deportation.

Immigration detention situation makes national headlines

Louisiana readers may be surprised to learn that immigration officers do not need warrants to board buses at Greyhound stations to search vehicle compartments or the people on board. This type of situation happens all the time. In fact, a recent incident led to the arrest of a business owner and former fire fighter. The man also happens to be an undocumented immigrant, and he now sits in an immigration detention facility. 

The man in question was setting out on a trip to visit his friend when immigration officials boarded his bus, and things went down hill from there. Before he knew what was happening, he was detained and at immediate risk for deportation. The 33-year-old has been living and working in the United States for 14 years.

US immigration law may provide for protection of your status

Many immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere throughout the country are currently facing situations that threaten their abilities to remain in the United States. U.S. immigration law is complex; however, when you know your rights and how to access support resources, you may be able to resolve your immigration problems. For some people, a U visa is the answer, at least temporarily.

The U visa is a special means for obtaining temporary legal status protection. It's available in certain situations where undocumented immigrants are facing possible deportation. It's an isolated visa, however, that is only available to those who have been victims of violent crimes.

K-4 visa: Family immigration tool for bringing children to US

During an emigration journey, there may be intervals of time where family members are separated from each other. The family immigration process is often complex and various visas may be needed for specific family members to secure lawful entrance to Louisiana or anywhere else in the Country. The K-4 visa is a particular status that allows some parents to bring their children to the United States.

The main qualifying factor to apply for a child's K-4 visa is that the parent must first be a K-3 visa holder. This is a visa given to non-immigrant spouses of U.S. citizens. This is a temporary status that allows the spouse to reside in the country while a permanent visa is being processed. A parent who possesses a K-3 visa may, if other requirements are met, be able to obtain a K-4 visa to bring a child across the border.

Federal judge issues US immigration law ruling to block action

Immigrants and immigrant advocates in Louisiana and throughout the nation may be closely following political updates regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. This particular issue has been an item of contention where U.S. immigration law is concerned, especially since the new presidential administration took office. In a ruling that recently evoked strong emotions on both sides, a federal judge has blocked the current administration's attempt to eliminate DACA.

A request was filed in a U.S. District Court that the president's attempt to do away with DACA be halted until certain lawsuits have been fully litigated. Attorneys acting on the behalves of the plaintiffs stated that many young immigrants in the United States will likely suffer irreparable damage if the DACA program is rescinded. A spokesperson for the executive office said she finds the federal judge's decision completely outrageous.

Split opinions re plans to build immigration detention facility

Management & Training Corporation is a company that manages private prisons and Job Corps centers throughout the country, including one in Louisiana. The contractor has proposed a plan for a new immigration detention center out west and not everyone is happy about it. Some say construction of a new facility could boost local economy while others have serious concerns about the private prison company because they say its reputation is less than stellar.

Immigrants themselves may be the ones most worried about how a new detention center could impact their lives. Thousands of immigrants across the country have been torn from their families and locked away for weeks or months at a time, sometimes without any apparent cause other than the fact that they emigrated to the United States from other countries. The new detention center would house approximately 600 inmates at a time for a particular U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement office that serves four states in its region.

American immigration: What you need to know

When your path to citizenship is damaged and difficult, you just want to know you can eventually live freely in the United States. News released on January 9 shows that President Trump may sign a new bill that would offer protections to over 800,000 people who immigrated to the United States as children.

Children who were brought to the United States by their parents or others at a young age previously had some protections under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. While DACA has been under siege, the new changes could be positive for immigrants from all walks of life.

Immigration detention need not always lead to deportation

If a person is living in Louisiana without proper documentation after having emigrated here from another country, it can make for an extremely stressful situation. There is definitely an increased risk for immigration detention in such situations, which causes many people to avoid certain people, places and events. For instance, many undocumented immigrants say they try never to go places where they may be required to show evidence of their legal statuses.

There are any number of reasons a person may be living or working in this or another state without benefit of current proper legal documentation. In some cases, a visa expired and some clerical mishap or other issue is causing a significant delay for renewal. Others arrived in the United States under immediate need when fleeing war-torn nations or extreme poverty and imminent violence.

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