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When should you update your estate plan?

Many people take the time to write a comprehensive estate plan and then simply forget about it – ignoring the opportunity to mirror the changes that happen in their personal…

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Avoid These 6 Estate Planning Mistakes

Estate planning, for many, is an essential part of protecting your family and personal assets. While each estate plan is custom, there are six common mistakes people should avoid, which…

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Power of attorney is an essential component of any estate plan

When people think of estate planning, the first thing that comes to mind is a will. However, there are other documents to consider as part of a comprehensive estate plan,…

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3 myths about estate planning

Everyone has an estate that must be taken care of after their death. Everything from cars to life insurance must be wrapped up after a person’s death. No matter how…

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Wills vs. trusts: knowing the differences

Estate planning is an essential undertaking. While it might be daunting to begin determining how your assets will be allocated after your death, doing it early can save you a…

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