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Questions regarding U.S. immigration law?

Leaving your country of origin and coming to Louisiana to live and work may have been a very stressful experience. Whether your plans were carefully thought out and all appropriate paperwork secured before crossing the borders of the United States, or your entrance was more of an abrupt and urgent situation, there will likely be many challenges lying ahead of you as your seek to rebuild your life in America. U.S. immigration law is complex and often changes; therefore, it's good to know where to turn for support if needed.

U.S. immigration law offers U visas to victims of crimes

When a person emigrates to Louisiana from another country of origin, it may be to escape violence or abject poverty conditions. Fleeing to the United States is often a last ditch effort to survive and strive for a better life. U.S. immigration law is quite strict regarding those who enter the nation without documentation, however.

Woman's lawyer claims U.S. immigration law officials abuse power

Louisiana is home to many immigrants. Some may currently be facing problems regarding U.S. immigration law similar to a woman in another state. The process to remove her from the United States has begun, and she has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security to try to avoid deportation.

Man glad U.S. immigration law has allowed him to stay

Once upon a time, an 8-year-old boy was brought across United States borders to live. As many Louisiana residents can relate, the situation did not affect his life much at that age, but as time went on and he became a young man, things changed due to U.S. immigration law and his undocumented status. In fact, he often lived in fear of deportation and says he was not eligible for many of the opportunities his high school classmates often pursued.

US Immigration Law sets stage for RAISE Act

One thing that is always certain in life is change; some changes are planned, others are quite unexpected and often significantly impact certain people's lives. Louisiana immigrants may be among others in the nation who are currently worried about possible changes that may occur in US Immigration Law if the RAISE Act passes. Some say the RAISE Act would change the entire face of immigration in the United States.

Family in another state torn apart due to US immigration law

An immigrant family in another state recently bid a tearful goodbye to one of its members. The father/husband in the family has been living, working and paying taxes) in the United States for many years. However, under new crackdowns in U.S. immigration law enforcement, undocumented immigrants in Louisiana and elsewhere have reportedly been targeted for deportation.

US immigration law encompasses U visa issues

The police department in a major city outside Louisiana recently weighed in on a particular immigration topic. As many readers are aware, U.S. immigration law changes often and can be difficult to understand. The issue police department spokesman was discussing is of high priority to many immigrants in this state: U visas.

Lawsuit filed in immigration detention situation in another state

There may be some families in Louisiana currently facing challenging situations regarding noncitizen family members. In fact, some situations likely involve immigration detention circumstances, either fear of being deported or navigating active removal proceedings. For immigrants, addressing such issues can be utterly frightening, especially if their statuses are not in good standing.

How refugees come to the United States

Refugees have been in the news a lot lately. Between the millions of refugees fleeing Syria and continued Islamic State terrorist attacks, many governments have reevaluated their refugee regulations. Here is a rundown of how the refugee process works in the United States, and how a refugee moves from their home country to their new home in Louisiana.

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